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INGREDIENTS : Each 500 mg capsule consists of NAME Musta Punarnava Usheera Goksura Nagakeshara Ela Dhanyaka Aprajitha Gambhari Kankola Kulattha Champaka Varuna Kataka INDICATION Acute and chronic renal failure , Glomerulonephritis ,Parenchymal kidney diseases ,Nephritic syndrome ,Anasarca ,Anuria ,Renal calculus ,Renal infection ,Burning micturition ,Renal colic . DOSE AND DIRECTION 2 capsule thrice daily or as directed by physician PUNARNAVA The herbs has anti-spasmodic ,anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps to prevent bacterial infection in the urinary tract and there by reducing inflammation and pain while urination .It has anti demic and mild diuretic action reduces accumulation of fluids ,dipuria ,albuminuria and glycosuria .It helps to maintain urea and creatinine level in the body .A compound called punaravine act as diuretic effect ,so its boost urination .Plus this also helps in flushing kidney and prevent from buildup stone . GOKSHURA Lithotriptic activity helps in regulating the functioning of the urinary system .Analgesic properties helps to soothe pain .Antioxidant effects helps inhibiting the formulation of kidney stone .Reduce level of calcium and minerals from blood before they accumulated inside kidney .

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