Orthocure Liniment

Orthocure Liniment

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Orthocure liniment is a powerful herbal concentrated formula which acts as potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory and powerful anti-septic. It effectively treats deep-seated pain associated with joints, bones, muscle fatigue, spasms, sprains, discomfort and promotes mobility.


Orthocure liniment’s concentrated formula of natural herbal ingredients quickly provides penetrating heat and offers fast, safe and effective relief for the muscle and joint pain. It is a diuretic, deodorant with strong anti-viral with immune stimulating properties and an effective local painkiller especially nerve pain.The oil is also valued for its ability to both stimulate circulation and relax the nervous system.


Vathanarayana Thailam5.0ml
Sahacharadi Thailam5.0ml
Deodar Thailam (Cedrus deodara)5.0ml
Nilgiri Thailam (Eucalyptus globulus)5.0ml
Karpura (Cinnamomum camphora)0.25ml

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