Take Control of Your Life with Pranayama

Our lives in the modern world move at warp speeds. We have tipped the scales of work-life balance and are stuck in rut. We are over occupied wherein something or the other is lined up for us. We are engrossed and absorbed by so many distractions to an extent where it has become impossible for us to pause and take a breather.

We ignore our health and fall prey to stress, anxiety, fatigue and a whole host of other mental and physical health problems.

Ayurveda has empowered us with ageless wisdom on how to take care of the body. It has illuminated before us various paths which lead to good health and prosperity. One such path is Pranayama. Prana literally translates into ‘life’ and ‘Ayama’ which means to draw out or expand is one of the major components of both Yoga and Ayurveda.

The breath has been regarded as the carrier of life and the repository of powerful healing powers. We can attain a state of total well being if we gain control of our breath. Pranayama propels us in that direction, it helps us regulate the force of life.

Benefits of Pranayama

Strengthens the Respiratory System

The slow and mindful breathing involved in Pranayama boosts the functions of our lungs. It enables us to improve our respiratory capacity by enabling us to inhale more air. It also helps alleviate symptoms of Bronchitis and other lung infections.

Improves Cardio-vascular activity

Pranayama helps in reducing the heart rate and blood pressure and shields us from hypertension. The beating of the heart becomes rhythmic which further facilitates in unclogging arteries and removing accumulated toxins in our blood.

Heals the Mind

Regularly practising Pranayama helps in getting rid of innumerable disorders related to the mind. Pranayama brings a heightened state of awareness and mindfulness thus preventing us from stress and anxiety. When we are mindful we become immune against, we do not fall victim to excessive worrying and rumination.

Supports the Digestive System

The diaphramic breathing involved in Pranayama massages the muscles part of the digestive system. When we are under stress our digestive functions become impaired which makes us prone to indigestion, gastric ulcers and bloatedness. Pranayama reduces the load off our sympathetic nervous system and stimulates the vagus nerve.

Cures Insomnia

The stress-busting qualities of sleep help in catching a good night's sleep. Studies have also revealed that daily pranayam reduces snoring and daytime lethargy resulting in a better quality of sleep.

Boosts Cognitive and Emotional Function

Pranayama is associated with improved cognitive functions. Since the pranayama reduces the level of stress it allows our brain to function with greater efficiency.

It helps in the formation of new neural connections and strengthens old connections thus boosting our memory. Pranayam aids our emotional processing . It boosts our mood and helps stay in a positive frame of mind and body for a prolonged period of time.

As a yogic practice, Pranayama brings in harmony and health and promotes overall well being. We should incorporate it in our daily lives to reap the innumerable benefits. We at Shreevarma encourage you all to adopt the Ayurvedic way of life. To know more about Vedic science of health you can always bank on us. We aim to spread the light of Ayurveda with our persistent efforts and unwavering spirit.

Om Shanti