Post-Covid Care: Immunity-Booster Drinks for Stronger You

The importance of an ideal diet and natural lifestyle is very important in Ayurveda to promote a healthy lifestyle. In order to stay healthy, it is important for us to fulfil our daily nutrition requirement. Ayurvedic juices are one of the best ways to get all the nutrition that our body requires to stay healthy and boost the immunity. Hereby, Shreevarma brings you the Ayurvedic immunity booster drinks to promote healthy lifestyle. 


Bitter Gourd Juice 

Bitter Gourd is known to be a wonderful ingredient in Ayurveda. It can bring all three doshas, i.e. Pitta, Kapha, & Vata to balance as it is tridoshic in nature. The consumption of Bitter Gourd juice two times a week can bring you visible results. It penetrates right through the nervous system, blood, and fat into your body and offers an excellent detox. Drinking Bitter Gourd juice flushes out all the toxins naturally, boosts metabolism, improves digestion, and contributes to the health of our organs, such as pancreas and liver. In addition to all these benefits, Bitter Gourd juice also fights off bad cholesterol. As per Ayurveda, the best time to drink Bitter Gourd juice is in the morning. 


Orange Juice 

One glass of Orange juice is said to offer more vitamin C than required for your body. It acts as an effective antioxidant which aids in the growth & healing of your body tissues. Being enriched with flavonoids, potassium, and fibre, the regular consumption of Orange juice can decrease inflammation and reduce the risk of cancer. It is also known to improve your digestive health. 


Giloy Juice 

Giloy Juice acts as an effective antioxidant which gives a strong boost to your immune system. This juice is known to be very effective in managing diabetes, treating fever, and strengthening the respiratory system. Daily intake of Giloy juice works as a stress buster and has anti-aging benefits. It also removes toxins, purifies blood, and helps combat liver diseases & urinary tract infections.


Tulsi Drink 

Ayurveda identifies Tulsi as the mother medicine of nature. Tulsi, when taken with tea or water, has amazing health benefits. It can prevent respiratory disorders, regulate blood sugar levels, improve bowel movement, help in digestion and aid many digestive problems. Juice of Tulsi and Giloy is known to purify blood and boost the immunity in your body. This miraculous drink is also used as an effective anti-aging formulae. Tulsi drink also helps with many health related issues, such as anaemia, jaundice, high uric acid levels, and more. 


Noni Juice 

Indian green-yellow Noni is rich in flavonoids, organic acids, vitamins, and minerals. A powerhouse of essential nutrients and antioxidants, Noni juice helps you reduce inflammation and maintain immunity levels by triggering better immune responses and fight free radicals. Regular consumption of this drink improves your mental well-being and revitalizes your body. In addition to these benefits, it also regulates your blood sugar levels. 


Aloe Vera Juice 

Aloe Vera is a powerhouse of micro nutrients that boost your immune system by fighting against the free radical damage in the body. Aloe Vera juice comes with various health benefits, such as improving liver health, clearing skin, providing hydration to the skin, and many other digestion related health benefits. For diabetic patients, Aloe Vera juice is no less of a miracle as it provides nourishment & energy to the body and reduces triglycerides. Regular intake of Aloe Vera juice gives a nutritional boost to your body. 


These health drinks are easy to fit into your busy schedule, providing you with an immunity boost. In unprecedented times like these, strengthening immunity is extremely important for you to stay healthy. For 20 years, the Shreevarma Community has been healing thousands of people every year from all over the world with their Ayurvedic consultation, naturopathy, and a wide range of Ayurvedic products. If you wish to adapt a natural way of living towards health, happiness, and harmony, give us a call today!