No Hair fall this Rainfall

Monsoon season, according to Ayurveda, is one of the most important seasons as it is the time of the year when our immunity is at its lowest and our body is vulnerable to various infections and skin allergies. During the same season, our hair is also at its weakest as monsoon brings out the infectious microbes that grow in the water. There are several hair problems that we are susceptible to during monsoons, such as dandruff, flakiness, itchiness, and hair loss, to mention a few. Hereby, Shreevarma brings you Ayurvedic tips and remedies to combat hair problems this monsoon.

Keep your hair dry

During the monsoon, we all feel the urge of drenching in the rain. What we do not realise is that the rainwater is acidic and dirty, which makes it unsafe for our hair. Ayurveda experts suggest that we should make sure to keep our scalp clean and dry, as our hair is susceptible to fall when it is wet. While travelling in the rain, we must wear caps or use umbrellas to keep our hair covered and protect it from rain. If your hair is wet, make sure to dry it first using a towel or blow dryer before tying it.

Shampoo Twice

During the monsoon, your exposed hair can easily get affected by the microbes present in the air. Ayurveda experts suggest shampooing your hair two times a week. Your hair is the most vulnerable to frizzes and dandruff during the rainy season. Hence, you should keep it nourished by using a mild shampoo. With a mild shampoo you can nourish your tresses and prevent bacterial and fungal infections. It can also be used to take out any residue from your scalp left behind due to rain. The direction of applying shampoo on your hair should be from root to tip, as it takes out all the harmful particles from the scalp and hair.

Lemon Therapy

During monsoon it could be tiresome to cleanse your oily scalp and hair as it could be easily affected when exposed to humidity. Ayurveda experts suggest treating hair with lemon therapy to solve this problem. Lemon therapy helps in the hair fall reduction by tightening the scalp pores. Lemons are enriched with antioxidants and astringents that cleanse our scalp and tighten the pores. Mix some lemon juice with warm water in a cup and apply it over your hair and scalp after taking shower. Let it stay for 30 minutes and rinse it off gently with cold water. This therapy will cleanse your scalp, control your hair fall, and tighten the pores.

Kesh Amruth Oil

Keshya Amruth Hair Oil is the best solution that your hair needs in monsoon. A combination of Keshya drugs, this hair oil helps your hair stay healthy and strong as it is a natural supplement of iron and Vitamin B complex. Keshya Amruth Hair Oil has anti-bacterial, blood purifying, and antifungal properties which control hair fall and dandruff. It also improves the blood circulation to the hair follicle which also prevents the hair loss followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The regular usage of Keshya Amruth Hair oil provides cooling sensation to the scalp, promotes growth of new hair, strengthens the hair shaft, and prevents the premature greying of hair.

Milk and Honey Hair Pack

During the monsoon season, it is quite essential to feed your hair with nutrition as healthy hair is less prone to bacterial infections and damages. A milk and honey hair pack can be the most suitable solution to undernourished hair. As honey is enriched with antioxidants, that can help it in providing the right nutrition to the hair and scalp. It is also known for stimulating the growth of hair. In addition to it, milk also softens the tresses and nourishes the scalp. Mix a few drops of honey in some milk, apply it on your hair and massage your scalp gently with it. Give special attention to the end of your tresses. Let it stay on your hair for 20 - 30 minutes and then rinse it off with a milk shampoo. This hair pack is so effective during monsoon that not only it cleanses the scalp by removing all the dust and dirt but also nourishes it.

With the aforementioned Ayurvedic tips, you can stop worrying about the common hair problems and enjoy the monsoon to the fullest. The ingredients used in these remedies are easily available at home and can be used on both kids and adults. Shreevarma family guides people on the path of Ayurveda by promoting the natural way of living. For 20 years, we have been healing people from all across the world with a wide range of Ayurvedic products, naturopathy, Ayurvedic consultations and more.