The 5 Elements of Nature

The science of Ayurveda is inspired by nature and its constituents. We may observe the same with the cycles of the day, seasons, qualities, interactions of elements, and phases of life to feel our internal rhythms & adapt with the nature. Ayurveda concentrates on balancing the elements of nature- Air, Water, Ether, Fire, and Earth, both externally & internally, leading to a natural way of living. It helps us with tools for balancing our outer ecology with our inner ecology in order to create harmony and balance from within. With the celebration of World Environment Day on June 5th, Shreevarma talks about the importance of elements of nature, and its connection within human existence.



Air, as a gaseous state matter, is the energy that runs through each one of us. It is present in our respiratory system & nerves.  Wind is behind the movement of all the things. It exists without form. As a vehicle of the wind, which is mutable, dry, light, and adaptable, air teaches us to move lightly and quickly into the unknown. And to forgive and forget. 

When out of balance, it can cause fatigue, when deficient, and hyperactivity, when in excess. This imbalance of air also affects the health of your digestive system, heart, and joints. Shreevarma suggests you to maintain a steady routine and consume foods with bitter taste in order to regain the harmony.



Water, as a liquid state matter, is the nourishment. Sometimes water flows like a tsunami and sometimes like a stream. It is unpredictable, heavy, and powerful. Water cleanses & brings life. Predominantly, we humans are made up of this element. Water’s Ayurvedic element is also closely related to the joints, nerves, saliva, tongue, stomach, and respiratory system. 

The water element, when out of balance, can result in digestive & stomach issues, when it is in excess, and when it is deficient, it can result in dry eyes, alternative weight loss, and reproductive issues. Shreevarma suggests consuming fatty foods, oils, nuts, cooked grains and sweet foods in order to regain harmony.



Ether, as the synergy of all the elements, is the stillness and space which connects us to intuition, spirit and other realms. Ether is the abstract element which the rest other elements fill. Though all the empty spaces of our body are connected to ether in some way, ears and mouth are particularly associated with this element. 

When the ether element is out of balance, it can result in problems related to hearing. Shreevarma suggests consumption of bitter foods, which should be done in moderation in order to regain harmony.



Fire converts things into a different form with its transformational properties. Fire is the form with no substance. Along with transformational quality, it possesses the qualities of digestion, absorption of food, ideas and thoughts as well. It can not only bring destruction by burning hot & quick, but can also smoulder slowly and stay hidden in earth lighting up our charisma, sensuality, passion and drive. 

Fire can cause one to feel cold, inflammation, skin problems, and digestive issues when deficient, and when in excess it can result in frequent urination, sweating, and overheating. Shreevarma suggests to regain balance by keeping your digestive system healthy by consuming salty, sour, hot and spicy foods.



Earth is the most additive or building of all other elements. Earth element brings stability and substance with its predominance. And that is why the earth element is known to create a sense of stability, supportiveness, slowness and grounding. The element earth can express itself in the form of teeth, nails, bones, and the sense of smell. 

When out of balance, the element earth can result in a sense of insecurity, weak body, tendency to feel cold more easily, and lack of muscle. All the foods are associated with this element earth, as it is the summation of the other 4 elements of nature. Shreevarma suggests consuming nuts, meats, legumes, and grains in order to regain harmony. 

In the big picture, the human body can be seen as an incredible network of intelligence and energy. It is the energetic network which is charged through nature and directs the operations of the body. And at times when one is experiencing sickness, on any level, the body is required to be recharged with the intelligence of nature. Shreevarma suggests you to spend more time in nature, and thus allow nature to spend time with you too. Shreevarma community helps people have a healthy lifestyle by adapting a natural way of living. With the help of Naturopathy, Ayurvedic consultation, and a wide range of Ayurveda products, the Shreevarma community has been healing people all across the world for over 2 decades.