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We all wait for summer, as it brings us some of our favourite fruits and nutritious vegetables to enjoy. Summer not only shortens the night & increases the daytime but also affects our health & body. Summer season eventually increases dryness and heat that leads to a temperature rise in the body. With sweating we start to lose water in the body, which can cause dehydration, externally and internally. And this summer, Shreevarma brings you ayurvedic tips to help you beat the heat & stay cool.

According to Ayurveda, by following ritucharya we can strengthen our bodies mentally & physically. The term ritucharya consists of two words, ‘ritu’ & ‘charya.’ Where the word ‘ritu’ refers to season, and ‘charya’ refers to the do’s & don’ts in lifestyle for a particular season. With the help of summer ritucharya, we can keep our bodies in good shape, strengthen our immune system, and keep our bodies cool.

Ayurvedic Nutrition for Summer:

Eat Pitta Pacifying Foods: During summer, we should consume food that keeps the body cool & relieves it from excess heat. This can be done easily with the consumption of seasonal summer fruits like pears, berries, plums, prunes, and watermelon. We should also encourage to eat seasonal summer vegetables like cucumber, asparagus, broccoli and many more.

Avoid Foods that Heat you up: The consumption of hot foods can be hazardous in summer, as it produces heat in the body. We should avoid citrus fruits, sour fruits, carrots, and beetroots, which have heat producing properties. The intake of chili, garlic, salted cheese, sour cream, and tomatoes should be avoided, as it hampers our health system. Salads should be consumed during lunch, as they have cooling properties. Dark meat consumption should also be avoided, as it heats up the body.

Eat at the right time: As summer tends to make our digestive system slower and weaker, we should consume food during the lunch time, when our digestive fire is strong. Avoiding lunch during summer may lead to an imbalance in pitta dosha. The dinner should be light.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle for Summer:

Sleep: Ayurveda recommends sleeping on the terrace under the cooling rays of the moon. The ideal time for sleeping in the summer is before 11 pm. Ayurveda experts recommend washing the face with rose water & rubbing coconut oil on the soles before going to bed. An afternoon nap can be taken during summer, which is good for Vata & Pitta body types.

Exercise: We should avoid strenuous exercise during summer, which heats up our body and causes excess sweating. The best time to exercise during summer is early in the morning, which is the coolest part of the day. We should practice yoga, meditation, do light exercises, and walk barefoot on a cool dew lawn.

Other Activities: Frequent baths with cold water are encouraged during summer with cooling herbs such as sandal. Wear light and loose clothes, and use sun glasses & hats while moving out in the sun.

Things to avoid: During summer we should avoid over exposure to the sun, which can cause dehydration. Consumption of hot beverages and water can upset the pitta dosha, thus fluids should be taken at room temperature.

Yoga for Summer:

Bright hot summer days call for a soothing yoga practice in order to balance the intensity of climate. While practicing yoga in summer, the areas in the body where stress and heat is accumulated should be targeted. We should practice to stretch, stay strong, flexible, boost circulation, and tone first before performing intense asana practices. Ayurveda experts advise to begin the practice with challenging poses, and finish with refreshing & cooling poses, such as wide arm & wide legged poses that release the heat from the armpits & groin. We can also cool down with pranayama like Nadi Shodhana & Sitali.

In the big picture, with the help of ayurveda, we can easily balance our doshas & promote good health even in difficult seasons like summer. And these ayurvedic tips can be followed by children, adults, or even senior citizens in order to keep their bodies cool this summer. Shreevarma has been helping people live a healthy life with their huge ayurvedic product range, ayurvedic consultation, naturopathy, and more. With the traditional healthcare system of ayurveda, Shreevarma has been healing people not only in India but all across the world for almost 2 decades.

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