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Indian medicine has never been more relevant in modern life than today, and Shree Varma is reclaiming the Premium values of the traditional practice, With a legacy of unbeatable trust and quality for over four centuries and a traditional lineage of Ayurveda, Shree Varma has been a pioneer in preventive healthcare, treating common and chronic diseases. Shree Varma provides a holistic and integrative medicine by combining the knowledge sources of the Indian Traditional Healthcare system of Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga & Naturopathy to its fellow patients all over India and overseas. With our traditional medicine and natural therapy, we heal people’s health by bringing back awareness and harmony. Shree Varma has grown from being known in the South Indian health sector to a multi-disciplinary organization with hospitals across Chennai (Kodambakkam, Ambattur, Manapakkam), Thiruvallur, Pondicherry, Madurai, Coimbatore, Salem, Hosur, and Bangalore. All the units are professionally guided by the chief physician Dr.Gowthaman as its managing Director. Having laid its genesis in 2001, Shree Varma Organization has been reviving Ayurveda sacred history with the team of 40 doctors and 200 professionals in its 12 hospitals across South India (Tamilnadu, Karnataka & Pondicherry).


Shree Varma manufactures over 400+ authentic AYUSH products in its three manufacturing ISO-certified GMP units – Chennai, Pondicherry, and Erode.They relentlessly work to bring new insight in the Research & Development sector, cultivate their own herbal & medicinal plants, publish Ayurveda periodicals and resource materials, hold educational workshops, and actively engage in media platforms to bring back the ancient integrated practice of Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy & Yoga to our society. The organization has been bridging the knowledge gap between the ancient Vaidyas (practitioners) and medical professionals looking for a holistic approach to medical health and treatment with the foundations of ancient Indian preventive medicine.Thus,turning into torch-bearers of the traditional Ayurveda practice. Our foundation helps the upcoming doctors or young graduates to be an entrepreneur without deviating from the basics of the Indian system. We help them from the initial planning, funding, supply chain of products, equipment, manpower, financials, software’s and branding to spread the traditional knowledge and of the AYUSH system of medicine worldwide. Shree Varma organization heartily welcomes the Pioneers, Young doctors of Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga & Naturopathy, or well-wishers who desire to spread awareness about the ancient traditional knowledge to bring peace, health, and harmony for the amelioration of the society.


Acharya Shree Varma, popularly known as Dr.Krishna Varma, who has love for knowledge by nature and descent from renowned practitioners of Thiruvithamcode Aryavaidya Gurukulam, Kerala. His ancestry has been practicing traditional systems of medicine for more than four centuries. Culture is liable to change, but heritage does not. So the ancient heritage of Ayurveda & Yoga is cherished and maintained with unbroken continuity by them. He learned the ancient celestial knowledge of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Varma from his father in the Gurukulam for 12 years and completed his graduation in Ayurveda from Dr MGR Medical University. With an ambitious vision of carrying the ancient knowledge to a broader section of people for a greater cause, he founded the Shree Varma Organization in 2001. He is currently a Joint Secretary in IYA Tamil Nadu represents Heartfulness.



Shree Varma brings significant and sensible solutions that are time examined, pure, & safe, designed to restore life’s balance.


Shree Varma provides a holistic and integrative medicine by combining the knowledge sources of the Indian Traditional Healthcare system of Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga & Naturopathy.


Our practice aims to create awareness of the healthy individual’s well-being, cure the patient’s diseases, and ensure a revitalized life thereafter.


Would definitely recommend PCR Shreevarma Ayurveda Hospital and thanks to Dr. Gowthaman for displaying his expertise professionally. I saw results for my issues in less than 4 months under his guidance. The hospital environment, atmosphere, and the behavior of staff were good. The best thing I liked about Dr.Gowthaman is that he makes you feel very comfortable and listens well and suggests accordingly and never forces me to take a decision on the treatment. Very transparent with his services.

With interest, I bought Maharaja Tailam and noticed it has 108 premium natural herbs blended with 5 unique essential oils, and each herb has its own medicinal property for inflammation. Then I followed the instructions and applied Maharaja Tailam on daily basis. After that, slowly, I felt some positive differences and reduced pain in joints and was able to decrease the swelling within a few weeks of time. Since then, I have been using Maharaja Tailam, and now my knee pain is dormant. It definitely did wonders for my Arthritis problem.